GOOD EVENING SPORTS FANS. so the people and umpires in denver are beig total FUCKING BITCHASSES again and delatyig the game, prolly cause they’r MAD SCARED of the FIGHTING PHILLIES> and dont even get me started on this sign stealing bull shit its ALL PART OF TH GAME!!!!!! GOd damn, every great player you can think of, Hank AARon, CLemente, Sandy Koufaz, Willie Stargell, even Mike Schmidt who you know from the SCHMIDTTER did it. so whats the big deal sporsts fans?

Anyways, FLYERS ARE up on a goal by the great captain Mike Rchards (no he’s not from SEINFELD??!!). CAN’t get the game right now, so I have to follow online which is mad fucking annouying and I wanna beat the shit out of my cable orovdier. ANyway, let’s talk Sixers for a minute. As you all know, Eddie JOrdan was a piece of huGEEEEEE SHITTTTTTTTTTT. Everything was bad about him: no conrtol over club, ugly A=AS SIN, and he made fucking CRAZY FACES. This sixer team really has potential to be the best in sixers history: think about it: JRUE HOLLIDAY is he youngest player in the NBA. You have to be fucking LEGIT to do that. ANDRE IGUODALA is just waiting to becpme a FUCKING MVP baby. I know people say ghe doesnt have the drive, but really what can you expect when he’s had a hundre DIFFERENT COACHES in his career. We need a strong leader, who’s gonna get these guys in line, and not let that fucking other big piece of shit SAMMY DALEMBER be late all the time.  Some CANDIDATES: Sam Mitchell, toronto’s ex coach who was a FUCKING COACH OF THE year once. There are some whispers about Lary Brown (can you believe it???) and I would be down like A CLOWN FOR THAT SHIT. Hell he brought our boys to the champs before, he can do it again and fucking bINg it to KObe that TRAITOR AND RAPIST>!>!> Otherwise, go local and get like novas coach Jay WRight that guy is legit, or maybe John Chaney cause hes got that FIRE and I met him at CHiCKie and PETE’s before and he seemed legit.