ROX Catcher Miguel Olivo picks a guy in the crowd to SUCK OFF after winning the fucking game in the tenth

WHATEVER man this dont mean shit even though the win shoulda been guaranteed with DOCTOR FUCKIN HALLDAY getting the start but MOYER is gonna moyer the FUCK out of these slapdicks in the nightcap so stay tuned. My boy Ruiz went down and hes day to day which really sucks too because he is a nother fuckin BOSS on that team, enough of this Wilson Valdez and fuckin Paul Hoover shit. But I just heard today that JIMMY ROLLINS IS COMIN THE FUCK BACK ON MONDAY AND THATS THE FUCKIN SHIT. Oh yeah Ryan Howard fucked up that throw but Olivo was just seein the ball real good I guess and Halladay was just throwin shit they could hit what are ya gonna do right? Maybe it cuz we stopped stealing signs JUST KIDDING> I want my boys in the red pinstripes to win them all every game but 2it’s never happened and never gonna happen so why worry just WIN THE FUCKIN SERIES YOU GOT THIS JAMIE YOU MY BOY.