Actual Photo of the fucking dumbasses who think CHASE FUCKING UTLEY AND RYAN HOWARD cant play ball in thr rain

Yo Phils fan, all I gotta say tonight is WHAT THE FUCK GOD? I’m chillin in the vrib, tryna get my Phils on, and they tell me about twentuy minutes before game time that we got a rainout. Rain out? That’s some FUCKING BULLSHIT, and a true fan would never let a game get rained out. That’s why I think Charlie, Ruben, and Montgomery oughta give me and Shep their jobs, ’cause we live for this shit. Now there are all sorts of questions on the collective mind of Philadelphia: will Doc Halladay still pitch tomorrow? How will this effect the rest of the rotation? How can I watch a game at 1 o clock when I’M FUCKING BUSTY THEN. I hate that douche Bud Selig. I bet Chase was mad though, when he heard about the rainout. He probably like, “RAINOUT? Yo son, I be appearing on magazine covers with CATS, I just do’t give a FUCK”. And that’s the tRUTH, right there sports fans. A man who appears on a magazine cover with cats dont give a fuck. And that’s the reason Philly loves Chase Utley. Definitely one of my fave Phils of ALL TIME> Anyways, that’s all i got for tonight. NBA lottery comin up soon, sixers have a 6 percent chance of getting the first pick. I”m liking those odds, baby. That means we got six whole different chance to get JOHN WALL. I know, sprts fans, I know. WhAtev, though. I’m happy with Jrue, but we gotta get another decent point guard, and I think Allen is probably done. Still love my brah Allen though. Alright, peace out PHILLy, keep it real, much to talk about tomorrow around this time

-Gil Thorpe