Fuckin baseball season is the fuckin shit I swear to christ. Game at Campbell’s Field today, special tim e 11:00 am, said ‘fuck it’ and grabbed my camera and drove the fuck out to camden to watch the riversharks play the Lancaster Barnstonmers. It was a perfect day for a game too, and I walked up[ to the window 15 minutes before the game started, told the guy I wanted one of the $15 seats cuz I’m ballin, and got front row right next to the ‘sharks dugout, so I could see all the nooks and crannies in Von Hayes’ face, and got to hear him bark at the um[pire a couple of times. Plus Mike Costanzo plays third for them, apparently the Orioles got him in a trade, and sent him down to Booey or some shit like that, which is like Baltimore’s answer to Camden (i thought Baltimore was Baltimore’s Camden but I’m wrong). The guy sitting next to me claims to be friends with the Costanzo family, he said Mike said “this place is a fuckin DUMP get me outta here.” And he’s playing in the Atlantic League. They got this leadoff hitter Chris Walker, good hitter and fast as FUCK, decent centerfielder. He drove in the Sharks’ only run with a triple following shortstop Kyle Haines’s walk. And it should have been enough because this tall lefty, Sam Narron I think his name was, pitched 8.1 scoreless while striking out 7. He got one out in the ninth and gave up a double, because fuckin Richie Robnett couldn’t get his glove down to hold the guy at first, then Costanzo didn’t play on the line like he should have, letting a shot go by him just fair and tying the game. Then 2B Chris Malec completely  Castillo’d a fuckin simple popup cause of the sun and Narron’s day was finished; a wasted effort. Blaine Neal got the last two outs, but the damage was done. Guess who scored the winning run for Lancaster though? Joe Gaetti, son of Gary Gaetti. That’s a trip right? So here’s some pictures I took:

Fans stream out, but not disappointed because it was a bunch of fucking catholic school kids that spent the whole time screaming to the bat boy and players for fucking baseballs the whole time.

'Sharks SS Kyle Haines waits for his chance to show the three scouts in attendance what he's made of.

Lancaster SS Bryant Nelson swings through a pitch in the first

The battery of LHP Sam Narron and Rene Rivera discuss god knows what whle returning to the dugout for the second half of the first

Former Phillies 3B prospect Mike Costanzo returns to the hole for the start of the bottom of the 2nd

Catcher Rene Rivera poses for the camera while Costanzo takes a ball.

Sharks manager (and third base coach) Von Hayes watches his team cruise through the first 8 innings.

My final thoughts was GO see this team and this ballpark. If you don’t like kids, it can be kind of rough, but I’m not sure it’s always like this. Might be different when a bunch of fuckin schools don’t have field trips on the same goddamn day. I’l definitely be going back, shit was fun as fuck.

– Shep Trumbo